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Our Mission

Separate Yourself(SYS) is not just a brand, it’s a LIFESTYLE. We believe that every human should chase a better version of themselves on the daily. We offer basketball workouts, camps/clinics, inspiration , motivation, and anything that can help the next human GROW to reach new levels.

We focus heavily on kids because they are the future and SYS is here to mold them with the CREATOR mindset, so they can reach their full potential & use their gifts/talents to experience freedom.


just want you to know as a Parent I really appreciate the work you’re doing with Tiana.  She really looks up to you and respects you (I do as well) and I’m excited to see her journey.  I just want her to be the best that she can be - no matter what her future is.  Her growth from a year ago is amazing.  Have a good day. 


Hey coach, i know I haven’t seen you since the last years basketball camp but i am learning a lot from you. You inspired me to wake up super early. You inspired me to work even harder and you motivate me every time you post that your in the gym at around 5am which makes me want to go outside and work while everyone else is sleep. I thank God for you.


I appreciate you for having the patience with him. You could’ve gave up on him or even just gave him half the work, but you got him looking sweet! I took him to his old trainer one day last week and even he said you changed his mentality and he is more focused.  He is becoming a problem with the older kids as he couldn’t score on them or beat. Now he is giving them problems!


Thanks to your 30 day challenge I’m a different person! Mental results increased 10000000%
Your videos are motivating
The music is calming
The workouts are fun and there’s always a new exercise added.
Love how you created new dynamic full body movements that challenges the consumer


You don’t know it bro but your def my motivation!